Hybrid L640RGBP/B

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Laser Light

Lasers can be used differently in astronomical ways: They can create ambient effects or project more vivid, beam effects. They not only provide ambient illumination, as with LED walls, but also bring emotion to your effects drawing the spectators into your light show. Lasers add emphasis to the music and are a must-have for every nightclub.

Rated Power: 50W
Laser: Red laser: 150mW, Green laser: 50mW, Blue laser: 100mW, Purple laser: 250mW
Working Modes: DMX, Sound-Activated, Auto and Master/Slave
DMX Control Channel: 7 channels
Graphics and Effects: More than 100 patterns and over 300 effects
Interface: 3 pin XLR jack for DMX or Maser/Slave linking

HYBRID is a South African brand with over 30 years experience in professional audio, stage and lighting. Our brand is aimed specifically at the African market to meet our continent’s demands for features, performance and budget.
HYBRID+ is our flagship brand, offering features and performance comparable to world renowned brands and making HYBRID+ one of the best price-to-performance ratio brands.