Hybrid CX223

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Active Crossover – 2 Way

The Hybrid CX223 is a 2-way stereo/3-way mono active crossover that is suitable for any 2-way stereo active system with separate sub-bass and mid-top cabinets.
Setting up the CX223 for the perfect ratio between frequency bandwidths is simple with the comprehensive face panel controls that includes crossover frequency, independent gain controls for inputs and both outputs, as well as phase invert switches for the outputs. The CX223 also features a third mono output for summed bass cabinets, allowing for 3-way active configuration set-ups.

2-Way Stereo Active Crossover
Applications: 2-way stereo with mono subwoofer output, 3-way mono with mono subwoofer output
2-Way Stereo Outputs: 2 x Low Outputs, 2 x High Outputs, with separate 1 x Subwoofer Output
3-Way Mono Outputs: 1 x Low Output, 1 x Mid Output, 1 x High Output, with separate 1 x Subwoofer Output
Crossover Frequency Bandwidth: Channel 1 and 2, 45Hz – 9600Hz/Subwoofer, 10Hz – 215Hz
Face Panel Controls: 2 x Input Gain, 2 x Frequency, 1 x Subwoofer Frequency, 5 x Output Gain, Output Phase invert, Input Low-cut 40Hz
Face Panel Indicators: Low-cut LED, Phase invert LED, Mono/Stereo LED, Frequency x10 LED
Back Panel Controls: Mono/Stereo switch, Frequency x10 switch
Connectors: XLR Female Inputs, XLR Male Outputs

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