Hybrid X1-2000-100

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Passive Crossover – High Pass Filter (2 pcs)

The Hybrid X1-2000-100 is a universal, DIY, high-pass filter suitable for enclosure design enthusiasts and it can be used as a replacement high-pass filter for most 8Ω, 2-way speaker cabinets.
The X1-2000-100 features a HF 12dB/Octave filter, with attenuation and a fused protection. Installing the X1-2000-100 is extremely easy with the quick release spring loaded terminals.

X1-2000-100 (Pair)
High-Pass Filter, 8Ω HF
Crossover Frequency: 2000Hz
Power Handling: 100W rms
HF Impedance: 5-8Ω
HF Filter: 12dB / Octave
HF Attenuation: Ceramic 20w resistor
HF Protection: Fused
Connectors: Quick release spring loaded
Construction: 1.5mm fiberglass PCB

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