Hybrid U-MV MKII

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Cordless In-Ear Monitor

The Hybrid U-MV MKIII is a variable channel, UHF, belt pack receiver-transmitter in-ear monitor system with excellent features. These include 99 selectable frequencies, Infrared synchronization between transmitters and receiver, a large format LCD screen on the transmitter as well as direct monitoring off the transmitter with volume control. These features make it ideal for most monitoring applications. Multiple receivers can be used with one transmitter when the same monitor mix is used for multiple artists.
The U-MV MKIII is sold as a complete system including high quality earphones. Belt pack receivers and earphone units are sold separately when multiple receivers are needed.

U-MV MKIII Cordless In-ear Monitor
Receiver: Belt pack with earphones, Dual Antenna, LCD Screen, Infrared Synchronisation, Volume Control, Dual 3.5mm Jack outputs
Transmitter: Single Antenna/Transmitter, Large format LCD Screen, Volume control, Frequency set controls, Infrared synchronisation, Lock function
Belt pack Receiver PSU: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries (Included)
Transmitter PSU: External AC-DC Adapter (Included)
System Frequency Bandwidth: UHF
Frequency bands: 99 Selectable frequencies
Transmitter Input: Unbalanced 1/4″ Jack (1/4″ Jack-Jack, 1m included)
Receiver Outputs: 2 x 3.5mm Jack
Packaging: ABS moulded case

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