Hybrid U-AV

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Cordless Microphone – Aerobics instructor / Headset

The Hybrid U-AV is a variable 16 channel, UHF, headset transmitter-receiver microphone system specifically designed for aerobics instructors or for any other application where a microphone is needed whilst physical work is being conducted.
The U-AV is very convenient with its small design incorporating the transmitter within the headset unit and a receiver with an integrated 1/4″ Jack that can be connected directly to an input without the additional cables.

U-AV Cordless Aerobics Headset Microphone
Transmitter: Headset with integrated transmitter, Infra-red Synchronisation
Receiver: Integrated with 1/4″ Jack, 16 Selectable frequencies, Volume control, Infra-red Synchronisation, RF LED
Transmitters PSU: 1 x 1.5V AAA battery (Included)
Receiver PSU: 1 X 1.5V AA battery (Included)
System Frequency Bandwidth: UHF, 700-870MHz
Packaging: Vinyl Case, padded, included

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