Hybrid KS101 Keyboard Tier

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Stand – Keyboard second tier for KS01

The Hybrid KS101 is a durable, second tier for the Hybrid KS01 when more than one keyboards are being used. The width of the KS101 can be adjusted between 450mm to 800mm. Installation of the KS101 is quick and effortless, saving you time with stage set-ups. Included with the KS101 are two ABS L-shaped end-caps protecting your keyboard from an accidental fall.

The KS101 is manufactured from mild steel tubing and finished off with a black powder coating.

Keyboard second tier for the KS01
Material: Mild steel
Width: Adjustable, 450mm – 800mm
Arm Length: 300mm
Arm Height: 280mm
Clamp Outer Diameter: 29mm

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