Hybrid DMX 384

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DMX Lighting Controller

The Hybrid DMX384 is a universal intelligent lighting controller. It allows the control of 12 fixtures composed of 32 channels each and up to 240 programmable scenes. Six chase banks can contain up to 240 steps composed of the saved scenes and in any order. Programs can be triggered by music, midi, automatically or manually. All chases can be executed at the same time.

DMX512/1990 Standard
Controls 12 intelligent lights of up to 32 channels, totaling 384 channels
30 banks, each with 8 scenes and 6 chase, each with up to 240 scenes
Records up to 6 chases with fade time and speeds
16 sliders for direct control of channels
MIDI control over banks, chases and blackout
Built-in microphone for music mode
Auto mode program controlled by fade time sliders
DMX In/Out: 3 pin XRL

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