Hybrid CT02

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Cable Tester

The Hybrid CT02 is a valuable tool for all applications where cables are being used for the first time, be it a permanent or temporary installation. Most system failures occur due to faulty cables so it is good practice to test all cables before using them. Hybrid offers 3 cable testing units with different testing ports to suit your needs.

The CT02 is a metal constructed tester powered by a 9V battery with LEDs indicating continuity and phase.

It is suited to test the following cables:

Speakon NL4 – Speakon NL4
Speakon NL4 – 1/4″ Jack
1/4″ Jack – 1/4″ Jack (Mono and Stereo)
1/4″ Jack – 3.5mm Jack (Mono and Stereo)
3.5mm Jack – 3.5mm Jack (Mono and Stereo)
XLR Male – XLR Female (Balanced/Unbalanced)
XLR Male 5P – XLR Female 5P
5 Pin DIN – 5 Pin DIN
RJ45 – RJ45 (Ethernet)
Powercon In – Powercon Out

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