Audiocenter T65

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Artist T65 passive full-range column speaker

Artist T65 is equipped with wall mount brackets to adjust the angle horizontally and vertically. Artist T65 is inbuilt with voltage and impedance output switch tap, which makes Artist T65 with more applications.

Wooden cabinet+Plastic upper and bottom cover
Full frequency Driver: Customized Audiocenter driver, 6*5” with 8 pcs dome tweeters
Frequency Response(-6dB anechoic chamber): 60Hz-20KHz
Maximum Calculated SPL/1M: 133dB
Rated Impedance: 4Ω
Rated Power (AES standard): 480W
Voltage Power: 70V 60W/30W/15W
100V 120W/60W/30W
Coverage Angle (Symmetrical): 110°*65°(H*V)

Audiocenter is a professional audio brand, originating from innovative technology which is carried through to the present day, integrating excellent global resources, blending worldwide cutting-edge technology in its designs and manufactured efficiently and intelligently in China.
Audiocenter adopts a strict and careful dedication to brand identification, core principles and is devoted to global brand distribution.