Audiocenter T3

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Artist T3 passive point source full-range loudspeaker

Artist T3 adopts customized neodymium speaker, equipped with a wall mount bracket to adjust the angle horizontally and vertically, delivering high SPL with a very compact size cabinet. With stand alone Artist T-Box40, Artist T3 can switch for impedance and voltage output. 1 Artist T-Box40 can be used with up to 4 Artist T3 full-range speakers.

Wooden cabinet+Plastic upper and bottom cover
Full frequency Driver: Customized Audiocenter ferrite driver, 1*3”
Frequency Response(-6dB anechoic chamber): 110Hz-20KHz
Maximum Calculated SPL/1M: 113dB
Rated Impedance: 16Ω
Rated Power (AES standard):40W
Voltage Power(With Artist T-Box40): 70V 40W/20W/10W/5W
100V 40W/20W/10W
Coverage Angle (Symmetrical): 110°*100°(H*V)

Audiocenter is a professional audio brand, originating from innovative technology which is carried through to the present day, integrating excellent global resources, blending worldwide cutting-edge technology in its designs and manufactured efficiently and intelligently in China.
Audiocenter adopts a strict and careful dedication to brand identification, core principles and is devoted to global brand distribution.