Audiocenter BrainCore CU

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BrainCore CU 2 in 3 out processor

BrainCore CU is an audio black box with flexible applications and easy configuration. Through the BrainCore™ technology, an innovative core technology independently developed by Audiocenter, based on the characteristics of Audiocenter ’s own speakers and different application scenarios, scene presets that can meet a variety of application needs have been created. Users only need to call the corresponding presets according to the combination of speakers and application scenarios, and can quickly create an audio system without professional debugging, and get a more satisfactory sound effect.

Loaded 1 ~ 9 total 9 preset gears (0 default is BY PASS)
Equipped with accessories to install BrainCore CU into rack

Audiocenter is a professional audio brand, originating from innovative technology which is carried through to the present day, integrating excellent global resources, blending worldwide cutting-edge technology in its designs and manufactured efficiently and intelligently in China.
Audiocenter adopts a strict and careful dedication to brand identification, core principles and is devoted to global brand distribution.